Early Impact Recruits: TE

This year’s crop of tight ends features a lot of pass catching weapons that need to add some bulk before contributing at the major college football level. For that reason, this is a short list.

Kent Taylor, Florida-The top tight end recruit in the class, Taylor chose to stay at home. While he does need to add bulk, he’s already at 230 pounds and was a strong blocker in high school. That translates into him at least being passable in that department this year, allowing him to become a weapon in the passing game right away. He may not start, but he is likely to play.

John Thomas, LSU-John Thomas is a big 6’5″, 245 pound target that has more than enough size to help immediately. He’s athletic enough to break off a 20+ yard play at any time, and his size makes him tough to bring down. His blocking ability is also very solid. He’s possibly the most ready to contribute tight end in the class.

Sean Price, South Florida-Price is pretty much a walking mis-match. His 6’4″ 225 pound size is too big for a lot of defensive backs, and his athletic ability is too much for most linebackers. This leads to him being a playmaker. He has the size and South Florida is in need of weapons, so it’s likely that he gets his opportunity to help right away.

Jerell Adams, South Carolina-Adams is big and athletic plus he has an advantage of having spent a year in prep school. His size, speed, and athletic ability make him a potential playmaker at the tight end position. With the team trying to replace star Alshon Jeffery, it is possible he gets some of those balls thrown his way this year.

Others to Watch-Colin Thompson(Florida), JP Holtz(Pitt), and Jay Jay McCullough(Clemson).

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